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Hello. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Ciao. I'm Sophie!

2 years ago, I was living a pretty ordinary life. Work, eat, sleep, repeat! I had a good corporate job in London, but the nagging feeling that there was more to life never left me. 


After debating for far too many years (and covid of course putting plans on hold), I finally took the plunge and took a break from my career to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. 


I had always enjoyed running - the freedom of exploring new places, followed by the exhilarating post run high, but I had never categorically classed myself as a runner. I spent a winter entering races and meticulously going to ‘park run’ every weekend. I loosely wanted to try and better my time and get a PB, but deep down, I didn’t care enough to try and improve my speed or performance. I was there at the races and I enjoyed the experience for what it was.


Since early 2022 for about 18 months, I gave into running to shin splints. I took the physio’s advice and cut back on running, but I wasn’t disciplined enough to stretch 3 times a day, so the niggling never went away. 


I gradually started re-introducing my running after my trip to New Zealand, returning back to England in April 2023 and starting to only run on trails. I’d joined a few park run’s in New Zealand and met other runners, who spurred me to get back into it. My shins also thanked me for only running on the softer trails.

I set off during the Summer of 2023 to travel the Alps in my camper van, and run some beautiful trails along the way. I had a trail race booked for September, which spurred me on to 'train', but I really just wanted to lace up my running shoes in the mountains and enjoy surrounding myself in nature.

I still don't call myself a runner. I can't run fast. I won't be winning any races anytime soon. I'm miles away from achieving a PB. But I'm enjoying running way more than I ever have before.


This blog is purely designed to share my experiences and to show that anyone can run and enjoy these spectacular trails across the globe. 

Happy reading and running (not at the same time)!!

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